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I started my Tales Teller journey in Epic Fantasy (see The Dreamweaver page), but horror somehow became a fixture within my writing wheelhouse. In terms of style, I wouldn't say I'm the blood and guts and gore type. I tell the slow burn, psychological, "could this actually happen" stories. Like, you might not think much about it while you're reading the story. But then, when your camping in the woods, or walking alone at night, or in the house by yourself...


Most of my tales have been and continue to be influenced by nightmares (hey, we all have them, I just put mine down on paper), some inspired by a creepy photo or two, or my Muse just happen to be in one of her moods.

With the exception of Natalia: Blood Secrets, all of my horror stories can be found on Kindle Vella. They will eventually be on Barnes and Noble also. Stay tuned. Soon as I put them there, I'll post it here. Meanwhile, click on each title for story info and the link to their Kindle Vella. Clicking on Natalia will take you to her page and the link to her audiobook.

Adrian's Children


Scratch's Urban Legends

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