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Adrian's Children

Everyone knows vampires aren’t real…right? But, what if they were? And what if it wasn’t a ‘what if’? Mr. Crisp would like to have you for a drink and talk about it.

Thing is...Adrian’s Children was never intended to be a novel.

There, I said it.

Okay, so one night a while back, I had a nightmare. A pretty intense one, if memory serves. It was about…well, vampires. Not just two or three of them. Hordes. But these weren’t the usual bloodsuckers. In my dream, one faction was good. Well, as good as one could consider a vampire to be. They had no desire to feed on humans, instead choosing to believe in a co-existence. The other side, however, saw humans as nothing more than a succulent food source. In my dream, these two factions of vampires warred with each other, yet both sides claimed one father. A vampire that had died years before.

Days later, that dream remained with me, not fading as most dreams have a habit of doing. Naturally, I decided to get it down on paper. So, as I’m thinking on the dream and how best to put it in my Tales Teller style, I thought the dream version felt more like the end of the story. And every story needs a beginning. So, who was the father?


My first go-to name was Damien, with Damien’s Seed as the placeholder for a title. But Damien is a name used often in supernatural tales, and I wanted this to feel different. So, I went from Damien’s Seed to Adrian’s Children. I gave him a last name that would be simple, yet catchy. Crisp.

Next, an origin story. Without giving too much away, Adrian Crisp would become a vampire in a way that sets him apart from the familiar lore. Soon it all started to come together, and I had my very own creature of the night. Still, my intent was only to write a short story about how a modern-day vampire could come to be. Maybe another short story to lay more groundwork (which I end up doing).


Mr. Crisp was only meant to be a side project between my major ones. But no sooner had I finished the second installment of Adrian’s Children, when inspiration for another story hit. Then another. Within months, Adrian Crisp and his children began to take on a life of their own (one of his children in particular). Buzz around the stories began to grow with each installment, so I decided Adrian and his brood would be a side project no longer.

Set in a modern day era where monster's only exist in movies and myths, Adrian Crisp is the world's first vampire. And he's bound and determined not to be the last! The next big name in horror begins here. I present to you, Adrian Crisp, the world's first vampire!

Click here to read Adrian's Children: Blood Work on Kindle Vella.

Click here to listen to Natalia: Blood Secrets on Audible.

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