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I've been writing seriously since 2018. In that time I've been featured in two horror anthologies, contributed stories to online publications, and did guest spots on podcasts.

I've also written numerous blog posts (most in the form of interviews), created my own podcast, and written a number of Tales Teller stories.

All the novel series, short stories, anthology contributions, blogs, and podcast episodes I've done since I first started out three years ago, I'm grateful for it all.
Still, you never forget your first. For me, it was The Dreamweaver, an Epic Fantasy saga spanning three books (the first of which is now on Kindle Vella) and two spin-offs.

I may be an old soul but I'm a huge kid at heart. Fantasy speaks to the nerd and the geek in me.

I have two series that I would place under the Fantasy umbrella. Click on each title for story info and the link to their Kindle Vella.

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