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Welcome to KD's Place!

Today I talk about KD's Place (hey there, I'm KD).

So when I got into the writing game, it was highly suggested that I hop on the various social media platforms. In all my years on this planet, I'd never held a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. Still seldom use Instagram. Can't even say I know my Instagram handle. Wait, handle? Account? Username? Eh...I'll look it up later. So when I joined Facebook in 2019, I was like, okay...I'm on Facebook. What do I do with it? Well, the main reason for joining was to promote my writings and projects.

So I came up with an idea. I would have the main characters from each of my book series interact with each other. At first, it was D'stini from The Dreamweaver and Adrian Crisp from Adrian's Children. That guy in that pic? That's Adrian. And that's not wine in that glass. So shortly after would come Scratch from Urban Legends (see for more info on each respective book). Now, for the purpose of Facebook, I needed to tweak their personalities a bit. Not too much, mind you, because they still needed to be true to the books they represented. So to work around this I made them each "characters of themselves".

I created KD's Place (hey there, I'm KD). A place the three could come to when they aren't involved in their own respective book adventures. I inserted myself into the mix. KD the Writer, the creator of the characters at KD's Place, but who is in fact a character based on KD the Person. At times KD the Writer and KD the Person are referred to interchangeably.

Clear as mud? Hold on, it's about to get muddier.

So, KD's place is actually in KD the Writer's head, which is in real life the mind of KD the Person (hey there, I'm KD). Each character is a voice inside KD's head, translated into skits that are posted on Facebook. From the original three main characters, others would eventually join KD's Place. Supporting characters from two of the book series. Essem, Natalia, and Ozymandias from Adrian's Children. Pandora from Urban Legends. These four would later become known as the companions (and no, I'm not gonna capitalize the "c"). They serve to keep KD company, keep him on track with his writings, keep him from being distracted.

Natalia is KD's main companion. While she wasn't the first (that would be Essem), she's been his companion the longest and usually assigns a companion to be at KD's Place in her stead whenever she's away. I should also mention that Natalia is a vampire. So are Essem and Ozymandias. Pandora? Well, she simply refused to be labeled. Although, I have billed her as "the most dangerous of the Urban Legends".

Now, keep in mind, the purpose of the skits themselves is to promote and/or inform what I may have going on at that time, just done in a very entertaining way. Think of it as, say, the product placement you used to see on television and in movies back in the day (assuming they no longer do stuff like that). I admit, there are those times I get so involved in the skits that the placement of the product gets kinda buried deep.

There you have it. So feel from to stop by KD's Place and holla at me. I'll holla right back!

Oh yeah, even though it's somewhere on my website I should mention where you can find me on social media, huh? (found

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