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The Writers Block

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life...for me. Much respect and mad props to Nina Simone. If you know the song, then consider us best friends for the rest of the year. So with the new year comes a new interview series.

The Writers Block.

My first interview series was called Indie August. In it, I cut my teeth interviewing independent writers and authors. Dozens of guests and a handful of series later and I come back to where I began. Writers and authors. Ahh, but this time around it's not restricted to just the indie sect. Traditional published will take part. Even my non-published peeps will be all up in the mix.

So what are the qualifications to take part in this series? There's only one. Just have a passion for the craft. Be able to put pen to paper and paint a picture with words. Be willing to share your thoughts as a writer (and as a human) with the world. Okay, so technically that was more than one, but still...

As before, there will be what I call my standard questions. Ones I ask most of my guests. Speaking of...I touched on this in a previous interview. I figure now would be a good time to address it again. There's a reason why I will ask some questions across the board. Because it's rare that I would receive the same answers. It's the replies. More than that, it's the way my guests respond. One might give a simple two sentence reply, while the other may write out a novella response. Some might tell me a favorite book or song of theirs that I may have never heard before. Right then and there, my playlist just got expanded.

The rest of the questions are geared towards the guests themselves, whether for the reason they were chosen for the interview series (in this case, being a writer) or on a more personal level.

By asking both surface and more targeted questions, I hope to give you, my readers, a deeper understanding of my guests. Plus, hopefully in doing so, a desire to learn more about them and/or their projects. Thus expanding their exposure.

Consider this post the intro to The Writers Block. The interviews will begin properly with Helen Starbuck. I have both read and listened to her work. It was indeed a pleasure having her share her thoughts with the rest of the world.

Let me also say something I feel I don't say often enough.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking interests in my various writing projects. The interviews I conduct. The skits I do on social media. The items I have on my website (which I honestly need to be better at updating). The books I have on Amazon, Audible, and (soon to be) Barnes and Noble. I do it all for, well, the passion of the craft. But it's you, the reader, that makes it more engaging.

Take a break from your world...visit for a while in mine. Come often. Stay for a spell.

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