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The October Sessions

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Wow! This month got here with a quickness! Feels like September was just last month. Okay, so here we are. Ole October. The month that kicks off Fall season. The month Pumpkin Spice Lattes become a thing again. The month radio stations and department stores start playing Christmas music.

The “October Sessions”. First there was the “Indie August” series. I had interviewed independent writers and self-published authors. Then came “Share Your World”, a series where I would interview people from all walks of life, in various careers. Peeps from around the globe, sharing a slice of their world with the rest of the world. And now, the “October Sessions”. So, in this series I…

Wait. I’m skipping a part. Let me back up a bit.

What inspired the “October Sessions”?

You know how you stumble across one thing while looking for something else? Well, some months ago I stumbled across a clip on YouTube. It was from a show called Live from Daryl’s House. Granted, the clip was some years old, and I don’t know if the show is still around, but I ended up watching several episodes and in them Daryl would have…

Wait. I think I should include some “who dat” context. You know, for the young bucks out there.

Who is this "Daryl" I speak of?

This "Daryl" is Daryl Hall of Daryl Hall and John Oates fame. (Maneater, Sara Smile, Method of Modern Love, etc.). Going into detail about these guys would take several blog entries to cover. Sure, I could be dismissive and say, “Google it”, but I’m not that guy. I mean, does anyone really like that guy? Do you? Seriously, the last time someone told me to “Google it” I told then to wrap Google up in a suppository and shove it up their…

Wait, I’m getting off track.

Anyway, so Live from Daryl’s House has Daryl Hall hosting musicians and singers from various musical genres. While some were household names, there were others I was hearing for the first time. Daryl and Company would take a song and freestyle it. You know, just have a jam session with it. Get a vibe going and feed off each other’s energy. That gave me the inspiration for the “October Sessions”. To interview both everyday peeps as well as more influential names. To toss out a question and just let them run with it. Pretty much the interview equivalent of a jam session. I mean, I started to call it “Freestyling at KD’s Place”, but I figured “October Sessions” had more of a ring to it.

Some of the questions are pretty standard across the series. Others are targeted to my guests specifically. I hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I enjoyed conducting. Meanwhile, here’s a clip of Hall and Friends jamming with Wyclef Jean. Now this? This here? This here is the vibe I’m going for. Like Jean said, "It's a whole 'nother vibe right now."

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