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The Backstory - Corin Nemec

I first saw my next guest back in the early 90s. He was starring in a show called Parker Lewis Can't Lose. He played Parker Lewis, a teenager just trying to navigate high school, albeit in his own way - and with style. I would later see him as a regular in one of my favorite shows. Stargate SG-1.

Speaking of...I gotta say this right quick. Star Wars and Star Trek are always hovering around the pool table. Forever shooting pool. Forever arguing about who's universe is bigger. Meanwhile, Stargate is posted up in the cut. Kicked back and relaxed at a table in the corner. Enjoying the jazz and thinking, "Those two just don't realize it, huh? There's plenty of universe to go around."

I could do a whole entire post on sci-fi franchise universes, but a time and a place, right? So allow me to cut to the chase. And now, my next guest, Corin Nemec. In his words, in his voice.

KD: I'll start with my usual intro. Who is the one called Corin Nemec?

Corin Nemec: I was named Joseph Charles Nemec IV when I was born, but I am not a name. Corin Nemec is the name I chose to use as a professional actor, but again, a name is not a person. I choose to identify as a sentient being who has the capacity to adopt a personality complex, and if so chooses can come to believe that it is that personality complex, but this is not what I am. I am that I am, and that's all that I am.

KD: What's in a name? I like that. And how do you unwind?

Corin Nemec: Generally speaking, I sit on the porch and listen to a favorite podcast these days.

KD: I've been doing quite a bit of podcast listening myself. Mostly immersive storytelling with a multi-cast. There's a podcast I'm currently listening to Called The White Vault. It tells the story about this...well, okay, a time and a place. Anyway, I know you from your acting career. But I also know you are a published author. What's the backstory behind putting pen to paper?

Corin Nemec: I have only published one novella titled Venice High, which is a throwback to my younger days growing up in Los Angeles as a graffiti artist. I have three books of poetry, one book of photographs of my street- art, and 11 or so screenplays I have written that I decided to publish for fun. All available on with a search for Corin Nemec or Venice High. I am compelled to write because I like to tell stories, it is one of my greatest joys.

KD: From one writer to another, I truly understand about writing for the joy of it. Okay, so, AI. Every time I think about Artificial Intelligence, I'm like, this is how the Terminator came about. What are your thoughts on AI?

Corin Nemec: AI is potentially the most dangerous tool mankind has ever pulled from his magic hat. Rather we shelve it all together and learn something from the Amish.

KD: The Amish, huh? Wait, would that mean no wi-fi? Because no wi-fi would mean no The White Vault, and how would that...ugh, I digress. What genre of music/movies & shows do you listen to/watch more than others?

Corin Nemec: House Music, Reggae, 70s rock, some trance, all kinds of music, but prefer music without lyrics these days. I have no particular genre of movie I watch, just prefer it to be a good one, but I have been obsessed with creative baking shows lately. Waiting on more Peaky Blinders.

KD: I keep saying I'm going to check out Peaky Blinders. I dunno. Maybe it's the "Peaky" part of the name. What does being an actor mean to you...for you?

Corin Nemec: Being an actor is one of the greatest blessings ever, it is 100% aesthetic in nature and experience, and the more real the world you create in your mind for the character to exist in, the more potent the spiritual experience I have being able to step outside myself and don the identity of the personal I am portraying. This is evidence of the fact that personalities are nothing more that disguises that we believe in and hide beneath in order to make sense out of who we are and why we are here. But as an actor, I get to throw all of that away and enter the world of the wholly pretend, taking on and off these personalities as if they are wooden masks. I see this as true with my own personality, that it too is just a wooden mask, it can be carved to be whatever we will it to be, and create the greatest character ever for ourselves.

(That answer alone lends credence to KD the Writer, who only exists on social media. As opposed to KD the Person, who is hardly ever on social media.)

KD: Coffee, tea, or...?

Corin Nemec: Coffee in the morning, tea at night.

KD: Solid answer, my friend! How would you describe yourself as far as personality and character?

Corin Nemec: There is no personality to being. Being holds no character, no space, no place in time, but is infinite in its potential to be, or not to be. To take on the personality complex of the character that gets developed organically over time as we grow up with our environmental conditioning and compartmentalized education is a natural occurrence, as the mind is a blank slate when it first awakens. Over time we take on elements of what we have learned along the way from our life experience, coupled with whatever economic class one develops in, strengthened, or weakened by proper or improper parenting, a character is developed which is trapped between the two worlds, the upper (sentient) and lower (physical), and most often will never develop outside of that mental framework we call a personality. From that point outward all other things and experiences will be filtered through that framework, and either be adopted by the personality or rejected by it, or not comprehended by it, therefore never perceived as existing at all. So to trust in the personality or character as the totality of who or what we think we really are is a huge gamble that I am unwilling to take. So I keep the personality and character sequestered to its rightful place, a tool that I, the sentient being, have at my disposal to better communicate with my surrounding environment, i.e. the people, places, and things around me.

KD: Of the umpteen times I have asked that question, this is the first time it's garnered so deep a response. How do you think your friends would describe you?

Corin Nemec: I have no idea. A complex mad-man with a good sense of humor?

KD: Hmm...complex, sure. Madman, eh...? How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Corin Nemec: There is no balance in the film industry, it is not something that can be balanced, so I have to keep myself busy with constantly figuring out new projects to get off the ground outside of work for hire opportunities. The rest is a circus and I just have to decide when I am in the seats, and when I am in the ring performing, that's about it.

KD: Two sentence life advice.

Corin Nemec: Know thyself before you know another. Reflect on your past to build a better future.

KD: Nice and simple and to the point. Here's another one that my readers would be familiar with. What, to you, is the greatest aspect of America?

Corin Nemec: America, as a Republic, was founded upon a relationship between the sentient being and the supreme being, and that no man should have the right to interject between that relationship and the freedoms that relationship guarantees, the right to life and property and the defense of both from infringements. Nowhere else in the world does a contract exist like this except in the Old Testament, the psychological contract between Abraham, YHWH, and his people.

KD: On the other side of the fence, what do you feel is the greatest challenge facing America?

Corin Nemec: The Globalist scheme to dismantle our Republic, thus nullifying the Constitution, which is a Covenant between Man and God and a declaration of the freedoms guaranteed us by that Covenant.

KD: What are your other passions outside of acting? Wait, would acting be considered a passion?

Corin Nemec: My other passions besides acting are writing films, making films, doing street art, philosophizing with trusted friends about deep matters, and trying to be a good husband to a great wife.

KD: Name something you wish you would have known or learned way earlier than you did.

Corin Nemec: How to keep a closer eye on who was doing what with my earnings when I was young and making the most money as a professional actor, and unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that those you trust to have your best interests in mind, sometimes do not, and to our own personal detriment, not theirs.

KD: I can understand and respect that. Pet Peeve?

Corin Nemec: Only pet I have is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Theodore Corgivelt, the ruff-ruff rider.

KD: Whom I've seen on Twitter. Ruff-ruff rider indeed! What was (or is, if you haven't found it yet) your holy grail?

Corin Nemec: That which is attainable in the physical universe is only sought by those who wish to show proof of their attainment by evidence of physical things or items, which none can be valued greater than their own involuntary impermanence, including ourselves, so for the sake of argument, there is no attainment possible in the physical universe with any true permanence. Personal experience, therefore, and what kind of overall value our friendships and memories add to that, is what we truly must show for ourselves when our heart is weighed against a feather, not our physical worth, but our actions and deeds.

KD: Can you tell me about a "wow" moment you experienced?

Corin Nemec: When I was about eight years old I was in Cohasset, Massachusetts, at the Cohasset Hotel for a family wedding and got to say hello to Sammy Davis Jr. It was legendary.

KD: Sammy? Wow! I asked this of someone else I interviewed in the industry, Vincent M Ward, I now pose this same question to you. At what point in your career were you like, "Okay, I'm here. I made it as an actor."

Corin Nemec: Never. An actor is only an actor when he/she is acting, and at no other time should being an actor be a consideration or mental exercise outside of the character development process and final performance, beyond that there is only the acting we engage in as characters in life, which is where the true performance of a lifetime is found; in the character we develop and portray as living beings.

KD: What was your biggest accomplishment of 2023 thus far? What's a goal you have for 2024?

Corin Nemec: Continuing to grow in my understanding of who I am and what my role is in this outrageously captivating cosmic drama that is unfolding before our very eyes.

KD: Now that's a goal I could see myself adopting. Okay, now what's an unpopular opinion you stand by?

Corin Nemec: That there is a Globalist agenda to create a single system of digital currency creation and manipulation and behavioral control by means of social credit deductions and restrictions on our ability to move freely and exchange with others a fair value for what physical items we need for our survival or amusement (within strict lawful boundaries) to be replaced by virtual containment zones for physical bodies to be controlled in, never to be allowed any true existential freedoms that give life meaning.

KD: What are things that you wouldn't mind others knowing about you and your world?

Corin Nemec: That I am no-thing, no-where, in no-time, and take up no-space.

KD: Starting to pick up mutant vibes here. If peeps wanted to reach out and connect, what would be a preferred method?

Corin Nemec: Telepathically.

KD: Those with the X-gene, you know what to do! Where can you be found on social media?

Corin Nemec: "imcorinnemec" on Twitter (X), Instagram, Facebook, Rumble, or "CorinNemecTV" on YouTube.

My sincere thanks to Corin Nemec for participating in The Backstory! You are greatly appreciated! And my thanks to you, my readers, for enjoying reading the interviews as much as I enjoy doing them.

Take a break from your world...visit for a while in mine. Come often. Stay for a spell.

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