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I dunno. Sometimes you just gotta come out say it.

I'm a firm believer that everyone needs that one person to talk to about anything, everything, and nothing in particular. I have that someone. I can bend her ear at all hours of the day and night. Especially at night, since that's when I'm usually up. Sometimes she might be like, "gimme a sec, lemme throw on a pot", but she will listen. Or I can shoot a text and unload if I've had a bad moment, then go back to being me. Just like she's that person for me, I'm that "gimme a sec, lemme throw on a pot" person for several others.

Back in the day, waaaayyy back in the day, there was a commercial for this mental health facility. The tag line was "If you can't get help at Charter, please get help somewhere". I believe that in the Age of Rona, it applies today. Some people like myself (a borderline anti-social introvert) handle the social distancing and isolation like it's just another Tuesday. Others, not so much. Others feel the loneliness. To them, isolation is a thing. Sometimes the weight of everything that's been happening this year makes them feel like there's only one way out. A final way out.

Sometimes its not about money or hanging out or politics. Sometimes a person just wants to feel like they're not alone. Sometimes they wish they had that one person to talk to about anything, everything, and nothing in particular. Sometimes they just want to know that in their middle of the night, someone's willing to say, "gimme a sec, lemme throw on a pot".

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