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Share Your World - Abriana Tuller

So, here we are. I mean, I've been hyping this for, what, near about a month now? Guess I need to come with it, huh? Share your world. A chance to get to know the people I engage with on social media (mainly Twitter) on a regular basis. I won't go into what inspired this January series (see previous blog post for that long drawn out explanation). Instead, as one of the characters in one of my books is fond of saying...

Let it begin.

We kick the series off with Abriana Tuller, out of Nevada. Abriana is always quick with a kind word or encouraging tweet. The more we engaged on Twitter, the more of what stood out to me was her willingness to retweet "news you can use" for writers, particular literary magazines that would be open to submissions. So writers, if ever there was a reason to follow someone - boom!

Okay, what say we get down to the meat and potatoes?

KD: So first, let's get into the overall picture of Abriana. Say you were on the world stage, give us an overall scope of what makes

Abriana Tuller: I am quiet, kind, motivated, dependable and very loyal. I will fight for equality for all marginalized groups. However, I am willing to be alone in my views if it means standing up for what is right.

KD: For you it's about principles, huh? I can understand and respect that. So what do you do for relaxation?

Abriana Tuller: I write, read, go to karaoke, and listen to music.

KD: The first time I ever tried karaoke was also the last time I would ever try karaoke. It was a Richard Marx song and I just...well, anyway, how about we give a shout-out to your corner of the world! Tell me the best thing about your neck of the woods.

Abriana Tuller: I love Las Vegas. We have many cultures and events here. Las Vegas is close to many great nature spots.

KD: One sentence parenting advice. Go for it.

Abriana Tuller: Listen to your children.

KD: Easy enough. Okay, so here's a more controversial question, but there's no wrong answer. What are your views on engagement questions?

Abriana Tuller: Engagement questions are useful to some degree. I have answered many on social media. However, I prefer how-to, informational, and humorous posts to those that seek input from me.

KD: Now me personally, my thoughts on engagement questions are...hmm...thoughts best left out of this interview. So...this one is a three-parter. What genre of music/movies & shows/reading do you listen to/watch/read more than others? Wait, did I phrase that right?

Abriana Tuller: Music - I listen to various music styles. My mood determines what music I like at what moment. I lean towards rock, jazz, bass/trap, and African acid jazz.

Movies - Comedy, action, sci-fi and thrillers are the types of movies I enjoy the most. I read romance primarily, however, I am not opposed to a great thriller or sci-fi blend. I have been into superhero shows lately. I also watch different Netflix specials.

KD: Note to self - check out African acid jazz. Now, this question is the most important one of the whole entire interview. Coffee, tea, or...?

Abriana Tuller: I am a tea drinker primarily, but will drink coffee when I am exhausted. My drink of preference is a cranberry & vodka.

KD: I'm a solo-grande-mocha-marble guy myself. With whip (of course). How would you describe yourself as far as personality and character?

Abriana Tuller: As a person I try to have a high moral standing. Personality wise, it depends who I am around. I have a dry humor, am serious and am very straightforward.

KD: And how do you think your friends would describe you?

Abriana Tuller: My friends would tell others that I am positive, dependable, studious, and kind of quirky.

KD: Far as I'm concerned, quirky is kinda kewl! Where do you land on the introvert - extrovert scale?

Abriana Tuller: I am an introvert. I use to be an ambivert. Now I crave solitude more than being around people.

KD: Right?? Sometimes that solitude just recharges the batteries! How active are you on social media?

Abriana Tuller: I am active on Twitter primarily. I used to be very active on Facebook, but found that I like Twitter more because of the interactions.

KD: What, to you, is the greatest aspect of America?

Abriana Tuller: America has a great mixture of cultures and has beautiful natural sites to visit.

KD: Flip side of that coin, what do you feel are the greatest issues facing America today?

Abriana Tuller: Racism and inequality are huge issues in America.

KD: One would be hard-pressed to disagree. Let's switch gears a bit. Name something you wish you would have known or learned way earlier than you did.

Abriana Tuller: I should have followed the dreams I wanted, instead of allowing people to determine what my life should or could be.

KD: Pet peeves?

Abriana Tuller: I cannot stand people that talk over other people. It is disrespectful and devalues that person. I also am irritated by people who shut down opportunities before thinking about possible solutions to help achieve that opportunity.

KD: So since we're saying "buh-bye" to 2021 and "hey, what's up" to 2022, what is your biggest accomplishment of 2021? What's a goal you have for 2022?

Abriana Tuller: In 2021I became a fiction editor at Solarpunk Magazine. It is my first time becoming an editor of a publication. I also opened my own media company and literacy nonprofit.

My goal for 2022 is to outline most of my stories in various first draft stages and to publish most of them via Kindle Vella.

KD: I put one of my stories on Kindle Vella to try the medium out. To me, it has promising potential. What's an unpopular opinion you stand by?

Abriana Tuller: Don't quit something because you failed once. Find an alternative solution to get what you want.

KD: As someone who does what it takes to get what he wants, I can relate to that. What are things that you wouldn't mind others knowing about you and your world?

Abriana Tuller: I have two amazing daughters. I teach special education students full-time.

KD: If peeps wanted to reach out and connect, what would be a preferred method?

Abriana Tuller: Twitter is the best way to reach me.

KD: I put your Twitter handle as a link to make it easy for peeps to find you. Last item, let's get a plug or two in. Any business or project or website you'd like to highlight or promote?

Abriana Tuller: The magazine I am a fiction editor at: Solarpunk Magazine.

Also, Tuller Media Group & Tuller Literacy Foundation . Both websites are coming soon.

KD: I also put Solarpunk Magazine as a link for anyone who'd like to check the site out. Thank you immensely for being the inaugural interview for this "Share Your World" series. I'll see ya around Twitter. We'll spill the tea!

Once again, my thanks to Abriana Tuller for not only being a part of this, but for agreeing to kick it off. And my thanks to you, the reader, for engaging in this series!

I dunno, I guess my thing is this - with so much division in this world, maybe the key to at least some semblance of unity is to try to understand each other. Learn a bit more about each other. Perhaps that starts with sharing just a bit of our world with each other? Maybe, maybe not. But let's at least give it a shot, shall we?

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