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Share Your World

So, I've been trying to prepare for the "Share Your World" blog series for January and deciding which questions to ask, but then I saw that Young Justice had a Season 4. Not only that, but the theme from Season 1 had returned with an added touch to...wait, my bad.

Share Your World.

Okay, for those who don't follow me on Twitter, I've been tweeting about a blog series I want to do for the month of January. And you're really missing out by not following me, by the way.

I should probably mention just what "Share Your World" is. Well, it'd be better to start with what inspired the new blog series. A couple of weeks ago, my personal fitness trainer told me I'm being noticed in the gym due to my weight loss and muscle toning. She said that members are coming to her to mention how successful her training me has been, but they don't come to me because I come across as standoffish. I found it interesting that I was being noticed but not surprised at being thought of as standoffish.

In the months we've had training sessions together, she (my trainer) knows I'm approachable and I know I'm easy to talk to, but the gym folks don't because when I'm there I'm all about the training and hitting my fitness goals . Pepper in my being very private and an introvert and I can understand how I might be perceived from the outside looking in.

She (my trainer) went on to say if I'm considering a good workout partner beyond our training sessions, I should probably take out my Bluetooth and allow other members of the gym to get to know me a little. The Bluetooth referring to the earphones I'm always sporting during our training sessions. In my defense, I wear them all the time and pretty much everywhere. I mean, I gotta have my music, right?

I've been a member of the gym since Early Summer 2021 and only a few of the regulars know my name, otherwise I'm just known as "that guy that Terra likes to torture". Conversely, the same could be said of me. I smile, wave, then be like, "who was that?" So, I've made an effort to step out of my shell and get to know my fellow gym folk. Because she (Terra - my trainer) is right. It would be beneficial to have a good workout partner after I hit my fitness goals.

That conversation put me on a train of thought to thinking about social media as a whole and Twitter specifically. My followers and others that I regularly engage with - how much have I truly paid attention to, or even retained, of what they've already shared?

So I thought a "Share Your World" blog series would be in order. It could be a good way for me and others to learn about the peeps I interact with on social media. A chance to take my Bluetooth off for a bit. The series will be Q & A, in the vein of my "Indie August" series (see previous blog posts), only this will not be restricted to just writers. The goal being for people to share info about themselves, as much - or as little - as they'd like. Look at it as free promotion, a chance to get your name out, or just connect a bit more to your fellow human. Any follower who would like to be interviewed will be welcomed. Just DM me on Twitter or shoot me an email.

(See? I'm approachable.)

Who knows, maybe 2022 could be the year we're less at each other's throats. Maybe the key to that is a bit more understanding of each other. Maybe "Share Your World" will be a good place to start.

Okay, before I take my Bluetooth out I'm gonna listen to the Young Justice theme just one...more...time.

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