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Lead, follow, or get out the way.

Updated: Jan 6

Lead, follow, or get out the way. Hmm...yeah, I think I'll start this post with that.

I dunno. Guess I need some help in understanding something. Because as an independent voter with allegiance to neither party, something just isn't making sense to me. In my defense, I acknowledge I am highly intelligent in some areas, not so much in others. Cryogenics and fighter jet maintenance, sure. Politics and human nature, not so much.

That said, for the past almost 4 years I hear about just how bad Trump is. And I won't play devil's advocate in this case, because I've read the tweets, seen the interviews, the name-calling, the racism, the gaslighting, the dog whistles, etc. I won't even get into the policies and executive orders signed. Half of which was solely to undo what Obama did. In my opinion (which is no better or worse than anyone else's), we are much worse off now than we were 4 years ago.

Okay, fine yeah, neither here nor there, so now fast forward and here we are now. Biden gets picked. Bernie doesn't, Tulsi doesn't, Elizabeth doesn't. It sucks, no one gets everything on their wishlist. No one got that Mercedes, Jag, Tesla. But okay. As someone once said, it is what it is. Biden did this, Biden said that. Okay, I'll agree. But Biden is now in the driver's seat.

Biden chooses Harris. Some peeps love her, some hate her, some still trying to figure her out. I'm probably somewhere closer to figuring her out. Just being honest.

I just spent about thirty minutes on social media chasing Alice while she runs after Greg the Bunny down the rabbit hole of someone's post who's upset about Republicans being at the DNC. Am I one of the few peeps that see that as a good thing? That some members of the GOP think we are in need of a change so bad they are willing to step across the aisle? Even if it's for a minute?

Now, I will be the first to say I'm not political, which is why I seldom make political posts. Because most of the time it leads to grown men and women acting like kids on the playground calling each other names. Social media will never be that serious to me. I let peeps say what they want on my posts, even if they disagree, as long as it's respectful.

I get it if peeps don't like the Biden ticket, I get that peeps don't like the Trump ticket. I get that peeps will vote 3rd party, or not vote at all. We may not like it, but that's the terror and beauty of America. The freedom to make our own choices, even if it's the wrong choice for America.

What I don't get are peeps that for 4 years complained, whined and cried about Trump, and now that it's time to play ball, they wanna take their toys and go home.

I dunno. If Republicans are brave enough to finally put country over party, let them. They may be late to the game, but let them play. Appreciate the risk they are taking. Because like the man said, Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Yeah, Biden isn't perfect. Especially his past. He's said and did some stupid things. As most of us have. He's also evolved. As most of us have. I know for a fact I've done things that would make Peter Griffin ask for my autograph (I know a few peeps that'll catch that reference). But I'm reminded of John McCain when he was later asked about his MLK holiday vote. He admitted he was wrong to vote against it. He evolved.

If I'm gonna look at Biden's past, I'm gonna look at Trump's past, too. If I'm gonna look at his present, I'm going to look at Trump's present, too. And if I'm stacking the chips, gimme Biden. I keep hearing Trump say if Biden is elected, America will be this that and the other. Well, I can't afford to look at the "what if's" that might or might not happen. I can only look at the "what now" that happening all around me. The social unrest, the thousands of people dying from the Virus, the "most Republicans are good and most Democrats are bad" divisiveness that's tearing our country apart. Right now, America IS this, that, and the other.

I don't have a thing against Republicans per se, nor Democrats, per se. I look at the person, not the party he/she represents. So I'm not looking at Republicans...I'm looking at Trump. I just want America to stop burning. Let's put out the fires now. We can clean up the water damage later.

I hear socialism thrown up, I hear Marxism tossed about. Biden will take your guns. Democrats will change the Constitution. Yeah, okay. Thing is, I seriously doubt Biden or any man, woman, or group has the power to go against the will of a nation and change the Constitution. Any amendment (change or addition) has to first be a joint resolution approved by two-thirds of Congress or two-thirds of state legislatures. Then it has to be approved by 38 out of 50 states. A President has no authority in the ratification process. So again, I seriously doubt our nation will become communist if Biden wins, or ever.

I hear Trump say Biden is in cognitive decline. I haven't heard Biden say anything that compares to what Trump has said. I won't throw up examples. I can, but I won't, because that's not what this post is about. But I will add this. I remember when Biden debated Paul Ryan. And it was like he met Ryan in the parking lot and commenced to tail whipping. And he did it without mudslinging or name-calling. He debated Ryan on the issues.

Guess my thing is, for those so bound and determined to want Trump out of office, do what you need to do to make it happen. You say country over party, then shake hands with a Republican. I once had a beat-up 2005 Honda Civic. Two-tone paint, no A/C (in Texas), needed oil, the back window didn't roll all the way up, windshield wiper fluid kept leaking. I drove that car between Dallas (where I lived) and Houston (where I worked) every other week for almost a year until I could afford my 2014 Honda CR-V. What can I say, I like Hondas. Because it was better than being stuck in the dead-end job I was in. I did what I needed to do to get where I needed to be until I was able to get what I wanted. I see this election as no different. Biden may be old and past his expiration date, but he's better than being stuck where we are now. Better to ride him until we can afford to get what we want. And if it takes some Republicans to help with the down payment, their currency spends as well as Democrats.

Far as I'm concerned, it's time to pee or get off the pot. So lead, follow, or get out the way.

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