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I've been toying with and bouncing around the idea of a series about the world's first werewolf. With the myriad of stories of werewolves told throughout the ages, I want this one to be as original as I can get it, so I really want to take my time with it. 

Those that have read Adrian's Children: Prelude know what makes Adrian Crisp different from the typical vampire myths. I want to give my werewolf origin the same treatment. This will involve research on both the science and lore (since I have a rough idea of the direction I want it to go), as well as conversations with seasoned writers on the subject.

I acknowledge it will be a while, as I have a couple of projects I need to conclude first. This will give me time to give my lycanthropic creation the due diligence he (or she) deserves.

So...most superhero teams have a logo or symbol that is indicative of what they represent. The Fantastic Four,The X-Men, Stormwatch, etc. 

The Revyns in my Dreamweaver series will be no different. I am extremely proud to announce that not only do I have the rough draft for the logo (see below), but it's drawn by no other than my brother, Kenney Webster!

Though the spelling is different, the Revyn meaning on the planet Kyan is the same as raven on earth. A black bird. Throughout the first book, the Revyn's logo is referenced as "the outline of bird's wings". So one day I sent my brother a picture of a bird in flight. "Here, do something with this," I said. And indeed he did!

If you like it, or would like him to commission a work for you, he can be reached at

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