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KD Webster

So here's the thing.

To those that follow me and/or my writing projects, I feel like an apology is in order. I haven't been updating my website like I should. Blame it on the squirrels that keep distracting me. Blame it on my desire to have a white ferret as my spirit animal. Blame it on my bestest friend Cletus forever stealing my cheese puffs.

Eff you, Cletus.

Finger pointing notwithstanding, new year, new policy. So 2023 will see a more maintained website, me keeping you informed regarding my writing projects, and weekly additions to my various stories on Kindle Vella.

(Yeah, I can pretty much add two or three new episodes a week for the rest of the year and still have material left over.)

You can also follow me on Twitter@kdwebster4 for all the latest and greatest. And I swear fo' God, Cletus, if you're reading this...know what? Nevermind.

Eff you, Cletus.

Sigh...meanwhile, click here to learn a tad bit more about KD the Writer. Not to be confused with KD the Person. And yes, there is a difference. It's a whole entire thing. Just trust me on this.

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