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The Backstory Behind "The Backstory"

Okay, I'm here. It's been a minute since my last confession.

Just kidding...maybe not.

But it has been some months since my last interview series. June, if I remember correctly, and even that one was a bit limited due to health reasons. I knew I wanted to do another one, kinda wanted to shoot for October (like, another October Sessions series), but life issues got in the way. So I pushed it back a month. Had no idea what the theme of the new series would be, though.

For context, the first series was "Indie August", in which I interviewed Indie authors and writers. It was where I cut my teeth doing interviews, and I absolutely loved it. This was followed by my "Share Your World" series. This series had me interviewing peeps from various walks of life, culture, worldviews. There would be two other series afterwards. "The October Sessions" and "Say Your Piece".

So, here we are, my fifth interview series.

As you may have noticed, some questions I ask my guests are the same across the board, but I like to ask because it's rare that I get the same response. My "coffee or tea or..." question, for example. I will get people who choose coffee (or tea...some people are into tea, y'know), but how much of it, or the reason behind their choice of beverage? I love reading what they choose and why.

Some are surface questions, but I have a couple that allow me to dig a bit deeper. It let's you, my readers, know how my guests truly feel regarding the state of things.

The Backstory.

So I knew I wanted to do another interview series. I'm making announcements on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Yes, even Instagram (ugh...I have no idea what to do with my Instagram account, but that's another story). Even knew who I wanted my first guest to be. Took some weeks to snag, but I landed Vincent M Ward from The Walking Dead. Still, I had no idea what I wanted the theme to be.

So, I'm putting together Vincent M Ward's interview and I write, "So a bit of context...", but then I'm like, "Hmm...not sure if I'm feeling that line. But I needed to be able to tell you, my readers, why I wanted to interview him. And that's when it hit me.

"Give them a bit of backstory."

And that's how I got the theme. This series will see not only my guests speaking in their words, their style (as they are known to do), but it will have me stating the reason why I chose them as a guest. It will also provide a bit more context to why I ask the questions I do. I hope you enjoy this series every bit as much as the ones that have come before. To close this post out, I'll state here what I have on my website, my Twitter profile, and a few of my books.

"Take a break from your world...visit for a while in mine. Come often. Stay for a spell."

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