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So I've been trying to determine what my first blog post should be. I've had my website since July 2019 but have yet to use the blog feature. Until now. My author's journey began February 2019. In February I published the first version of my novel The Dreamweaver. And it was a...…...DISASTER! Yep! For one reason and one reason only...because there was no editing. Oh, the e-book sold big time. The book is likened to "The Matrix meets The Avengers". But one day I wanted a paperback version for myself and I went through a few of the pages online. The misspellings, the punctuations, whole sentences...just plain wrong! I was like, I gotta take this down before my name not only really gets out there, but gets known for being a writer who can't write! The positive in that debacle is that over the weeks I learned a lot about editing and revising. During that time I was also working on the sequel to the Dreamweaver (called Dreamquest), so over the course of months I was able to weave the two even closer by running a few more common threads between them.

A lot of what I learned was through trial and error. But even more than that, I learned through the advice of other, more seasoned writers. Some who took me under their wings, some whom I learned through their own mistakes...what not to do. I joined social media (something I said I would never On Facebook I joined writers' clubs. I became active on Twitter (particularly the #writingcommunity), I listened to what others had to say. I didn't let my pride and ego get in the way. I took advice and feedback from editors and beta readers.

My next revision of The Dreamweaver was fully edited, with more words added and textured layers. The cover was changed to show the central character, D'stini, through the rendering of a concept artist. This version eventually went on sale, and sold even better than the first version. But I never could have made the book's upgrade without the fellow writers and authors that helped me along the way.

So my first blog post is actually my way of saying thanks. To the writers that loaned me their experience and wisdom. But even more so, to the readers who've purchased my books. It's you the reader that support me with the book purchases. It's you the reader that make this worthwhile. So for that, I say thanks.


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