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The Road

My author's journey started February 2019. In that I began my author's journey Feb 2019. To say the least, it has been quite the road trip.

I published my first book The Dreamweaver in February 2019. The first novel in the series. The genre is YA Fantasy (also considered New Adult). See my first blog post to see how that turned out. This was followed by Adrian's Children in May 2019. The genre is Horror. Adrian's Children started as a short story series that became a novella with the title becoming Adrian's Children: Blood Work. In August 2019 I published Aunt Mabel, the first installment of a new short story series called Urban Legends, also Horror. Whereas the Adrian's Children series is vampiric horror about the world's first vampire, the Urban Legends series is supernatural horror whose central character is Scratch (the devil). In October 2019 I was interviewed by the Horror Writers Association with regards to the Adrian's Children series. The interview was published in the December 2019 edition (

In February 2019, I joined social media for the first time with Facebook, which is something I swore I would never ever do. But the decision was made to be on the platform for name recognition. To put myself out there. This was followed by my joining Twitter in March 2019 (@kdwebster4). In July 2019 I started my website ( . The reason being,to further my brand recognition. The site highlights me as a writer, my current projects, and those I have coming down the pipe. In December 2019 I started a YouTube channel. There my uploaded videos further explore me as a writer, and talk about each of my books and in deeper and greater detail. Again, all about my brand and name recognition. Also in December 2019 I joined the Horror Writers Association.

So all of this has been in less than the span of a year. It's been quite the journey, and well worth it. I have a feeling that the best is still yet to come. But I couldn't do any of this without the support of you, the reader. And for that I give thanks.

Take a break from your world…visit for a while in mine. Come often. Stay for a spell.


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