"I was asked how I termed my writing style. At first I had to say I didn't know...I just like to write, period. But over the next few hours I gave it some thought. If I had to give it a style, I'd say 'speculative fiction'. I'll have a story-line in my head then allow the fleshing out to begin. I'll start thinking of a fight sequence or dramatic scene...then ask myself what lead up to this? I will form several reasons, then choose one that has the most plausibility. That makes the reader think, 'Well, in theory I guess that could happen...if...'. To me, that makes for the best sci-fi/fantasy story-lines. The ones that make you say, 'Well, if the conditions are right and such and such and what not and stuff'. What was the motivation behind the action? Why did he/she do this/that? That gets into character development. Because when the reader starts looking at your character less like a character and more like a person, that's when the magic happens..."

"I've heard one could live without writing...but I don't wanna take that chance."

Although currently living in a suburb of Denver, I split my time between Colorado and Texas. While I've always enjoyed writing as a form of expression, The Dreamweaver series would be my first outing as a published author.

Book One of the series, The Dreamweaver, is on sale now with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Book Two, Dreamquest, is due for release early February 2020. While there is no definitive date as of yet, Book Three, Dream's End, will be released sometime in the late Summer of 2020.

In addition to the The Dreamweaver series (I'm hesitant to call it a trilogy), I'm working on Grymn, an intended spin-off of the series.


The Adrian's Children series is my venture into the horror genre. It started as a "side project between projects" type of thing that morphed into a major project of its own. Adrian's Children: Blood Work is also currently on sale with Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My Urban Legends is a short series (which will most likely remain a short story series) with more of a supernatural twist to it. Currently I have two installments released with a third be currently plotted.

And then there's The Iska series. It's my newest offering. I'm still not sure what genre it ascribes to...yet. It is still being penned. But stay tuned!

KD Webster

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